5 factors to consider when choosing construction delivery methods

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Construction delivery methods aren’t simply designed to give you results; they’re designed to make the entire process easier for all parties involved. However, before you get started, it’s best to always do your research to find the right method. 

As leaders in the construction industry, McCownGordon Construction is here to help you maneuver through the complex world of delivery methods. Keep reading to learn more about the primary factors that could affect which method would be most effective for your project. 

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1. Regulations

Depending on the project, you may have to follow strict regulations that limit your choice between construction delivery methods. For example, your state may require a design-bid-build method and may not be flexible with other options. Always do your research to make sure you’re working within proper guidelines or you can ask our team if you’re unsure about your options. We work with clients in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska and understand the unique protocols for each state.

2. Budget

At the end of the day, budget plays a major role. More collaborative options such as design-build and integrated project delivery may have higher upfront construction costs than the design-bid-build method. However, the collaborative delivery methods can yield greater cost savings in the long run due to a team that works to find creative solutions and reduced change orders down the line. 

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3. Time

Always consider time constraints when you choose a construction delivery method. Some owners may need to wait to break ground until financing is lined up or a number of tenant leases are signed. On the other hand, the opportunity to break ground quickly and finish fast often means the building can start generating revenue earlier, in the case of a leasable asset, resulting in a quicker ROI. Especially if you’re an owner who doesn’t know much about design and/or construction, you may want to implement a construction delivery method that gives you the expertise needed to get the job done on the right timeline for your needs. 

4. Owner expertise

Some methods will put more risk on the owner’s shoulders than others. That means owner expertise is crucial to look at before you make a choice. Owners without construction expertise should consider a construction manager at risk, design build or other delivery method that brings additional knowledge and collaboration to the table from the outset.

5. Complexity

Not all construction projects are created equal. Some are more straightforward while others may require more creative thinking and problem solving. Oftentimes, delivery methods that promote collaboration work the best for more complex projects so all the moving parts can be coordinated by designers and construction managers that stay involved from start to finish. 

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