USD 500 Kansas Public Schools Schlagle Stadium & Bus Facility

Project Case Study
Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools' new synthetic turf football and soccer stadium spans 13.8 acres and features a track, press box and 1,600 grandstand seats.


Kansas City Kansas Public Schools USD 500


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Kansas City, KS

The stadium also accommodates guests and players with a 4,600 square-foot concession/restroom building, a 7,100 square-foot building for locker rooms, security, ticket office, storage and officials’ preparation and a parking lot with 413 stalls.

Additionally, the project included construction for the district’s bus fleet. Bus services now have a 1,800 square-foot bus administration building and fuel station, and 92 new parking stalls. With a complex civil design in order to meet the criteria set forth in the Best Management Practices (BMPs), the team worked diligently to reduce storm water runoff from the project site thorough extensive earthwork and utility work.