Advanced preconstruction services make a difference

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Preconstruction services are services offered prior to the construction phase and are designed to help plan, analyze and establish needs for construction by educating clients on what is needed to make the project financially viable. However, at many companies in the construction industry, preconstruction services start and stop with basic estimating and cost analysis that only involve estimating departments. This approach creates a hand-off situation to the project management team and a loss of intelligence as the construction phase begins.

When you work with a firm that incorporates advanced preconstruction services into their business model—one where project managers and superintendents are involved early—you’ll uncover additional value and realized savings in schedule and cost. It takes time and experience to master this level of service in a collaborative building process, and the best start is with a construction partner who understands your goals.

Integrating project managers and superintendents into the project during preconstruction delivers more value.
Integrating project managers and superintendents into the project during preconstruction delivers more value.
Focus on Creating Value

Once you’ve defined your goal, you need a partner who works as an extension of your team—advocating for and guiding you—so when the shovel hits dirt, you’re ahead of the game. Our team starts every project with preconstruction services and a collective laser focus on delivering lasting value.

Preconstruction should involve preconstruction managers, estimating, project managers, superintendents and specialty managers as required by the project. Each of these roles add significant value when they are involved early.

  • Preconstruction managers – Lead the process, leverage their expertise from a wholistic project perspective and ensure every team member stays on task to deliver on the client’s vision
  • Estimating – Provides the real-time estimate detail, cost analysis and cost control for the project
  • Project managers and superintendents – Weigh in on schedule and constructability concerns for the project
  • Specialty managers – Managers with specified roles for quality assurance, engineering systems and 3D modeling add an extra layer of support and expertise for the project team to consider life-cycle costs, long-term durability and early coordination
Cost vs Influence graph in advanced preconstruction
By engaging with preconstruction services in the process early, our clients have the greatest impact on their project’s goals and vision with the least amount of cost impact. Ultimately, this delivers more value for the project with increased scope and features, faster schedules and the most accurate budgets.
Think Like an Owner

When it comes to preconstruction services, look for a partner that puts themselves in your shoes. A great partner should go the extra mile to understand how their success is tied to yours by thinking like an owner and understanding your goals. Your goals involve more than just meeting a construction budget—there are schedule requirements and total project costs which include design costs, land costs, furniture budgets and more. The right construction manager will recognize this and consider it all from your perspective.

They will first listen, followed by evaluation, analyses and problem solving to educate you so that you can make informed, smart decisions. But they won’t stop there—they will adjust after new findings and complete the process all over again. Preconstruction services are fulfilled only after every idea has been brought to the table and every scenario has been analyzed.

Advanced Preconstruction Services Make a Difference
Thinking like an owner means evaluating all the options and scenarios to ensure the best solution is discovered for your project.
Collaboration is Crucial

From identifying opportunities to site selection and feasibility studies to financing and ROI analysis, a great preconstruction partner considers the lifecycle of your building, not just initial costs. Collaboration is enhanced when your partner brings design, engineering and construction management expertise to the table during preconstruction to provide invaluable guidance and insights. For certain scopes of work, alternative delivery approaches can introduce cost-effective solutions in the early stages of the project to provide the most impact to the overall budget and schedule.

As a result, your construction partner will understand what you’re trying to achieve and partner with you to reach those goals. You will benefit from project leaders who understand your plan and provide you with the following:

The difference preconstruction services make The difference preconstruction services make

A trusted construction manager is committed to honest, transparent communication throughout the process. By collaborating early, preconstruction services enable your team to achieve the objectives of the planning and construction process, but most importantly to create a building environment that realizes your vision.

When you integrate this type of expertise with collaborative focus and strategic viewpoint, you realize why clients consider McCownGordon among their most valued partners. Because with McCownGordon, you get a team invested in your success and a dedication to preconstruction services that is unmatched in the industry.

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