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Construction Technology in Kansas City

Innovation means thinking differently, and thinking ahead.

Technology has been ingrained in our process from day one. We leverage technology because the right tools enhance the construction journey for our clients and partners, fostering a more efficient and collaborative environment.

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We stay on the leading edge.

Our team of innovators diligently researches and tests the latest emerging technology, ensuring our clients have the optimal building experience.

At McCownGordon, technology means taking a tablet to the job site and projecting the future by holding it up to an empty space. It entails comprehending the assembly of components before their arrival, ensuring the most efficient deliverables for our clients.

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

Our integrated project teams change the way we transform communities and skylines.

McCownGordon leverages cutting-edge digital tools to enhance project value across the timeline. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), along with cloud computing and mobile technology, facilitates collaboration. We invest effort in educating owners, architects, engineers and trade partners on the latest technology to enable well-informed decisions for project success.

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Benefits of VDC

  • Modeling a building virtually before breaking ground minimizes risk impact.
  • Coordination meetings integrate clash detection and resolution of MEP trade partner models, addressing conflicts before construction starts.
  • Virtual reviews at this stage enhance early quality control, mitigating potential costly field conflicts later.
  • Advanced digital tools contribute value across the project timeline, reducing costs, time and waste while enhancing efficiency and quality.
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Field Mobility

With our construction technology in Kansas City, our teams excel at sharing models with designers and trade partners, fostering a seamless link between preconstruction and construction. Our technology revolutionizes the connection between the field and the office.

Mobile tools provide project information, daily logs, RFIs and electronic punch lists with enhanced mobility. Digital plan tables integrate up-to-date digital drawing sets and complete 3D models. Mobile technology accelerates analysis and conflict resolution on-site, leading to reduced time and cost. These tools are extended to our clients, granting owners the ability to access the latest documents anytime and anywhere.

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Emerging Technologies

If it can be done better, it should be. As pioneers in virtual design and construction, we reside at the forefront of research and development, continually exploring the latest construction technologies.

From innovative scheduling software to collaborative cloud-based programs and laser scanners, our dedicated VDC and IT teams consistently investigate emerging technologies. These efforts aim to benefit our clients and facilitate a smooth transition from preconstruction to construction as well as between the office and the jobsite.

From Our Technology Experts

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