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Structural & Soils

Structural Engineering Services in Kansas City

Preplanning and creative thinking drive success

By engaging our structural and soils group, your building can withstand the test of time.

Constructing a high-quality facility requires scrutinizing technical details to inform the procurement process and identify value-driving construction solutions. Our team of structural and soils engineers engage early, providing you with structural engineering analysis and design. They help craft bid packages and screen potential trade partners, ensuring alignment between proposals, while also validating approaches and project delivery. 

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Providing unmatched performance

As an owner, you need an enduring, high-quality facility—making it imperative to safeguard technical details from being overlooked in procurement or construction processes.

Our group for structural and soils engages in early structural engineering analysis and design, crafting bid packages and conducting interviews with prospective trade partners. They actively contribute to scoping each trade partner, ensuring alignment between their proposals, approaches and project delivery.

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Realize lasting benefits from tailored infrastructure solutions.

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Unparalleled Expertise

Gain an expert that prioritizes your best interests and partners with you to ensure consistent delivery and project success. Our talented structural and soil engineers and experts carefully review project documents, participate in project coordination meetings, regularly conduct quality control on site and support the project team throughout the build. This added analysis of the structural system and geological attributes of the site ensures optimal efficiency for your project.

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Achieve Quality Results with Customized Strategies

We proactively communicate with your project team about structural material supply chain and lead time fluctuations, regularly tracking pricing and delivery trends. By working with design teams, tracking the market and maintaining a flexible approach, the team helps ensure construction remains on track. McCownGordon structural and soil experts stay engaged after construction ends to help address any warranty items and provide troubleshooting assistance.

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