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Integrated Project Delivery in Kansas City

Taking collaboration to the next level.

An open, transparent process that emphasizes creativity.

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Integrated project delivery (IPD) creates a collaborative environment from concept to completion, even for the most complex construction projects.

Leveraging the IPD delivery method benefits both simple and complex construction projects in Kansas City. The success of this approach relies on the commitment of a strong and dedicated team who prioritizes constant communication and active engagement.

McCownGordon associates talking on a construction site

Experts in IPD Delivery Method.

1. Equal Rewards and Risks

Owners, designers, the construction manager and major trade partners share risk and rewards by entering into a joint contract.

2. Value and Quality Emphasis

McCownGordon pursues the best value and project quality in every project we undertake. For partners as dedicated as we are, IPD is a great delivery method for achieving success.

3. Collaborate from Start to Finish

Integrated Project Delivery requires a contractor who exemplifies flexibility, expertise and availability among its team members. At McCownGordon, we commit to seamless collaboration with all stakeholders from start to finish, ensuring shared responsibility.

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McCownGordon associates talking on a construction site
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