Benefits of Collaborative Project Delivery

Deciding how your construction project should be designed, constructed and delivered remains one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Each construction project delivery method has its pros and cons, and their effectiveness for your project is impacted by the complexity, resources, schedule, funding, and more. Of the available options, at McCownGordon Construction, our experience led us to conclude collaborative project delivery methods provide the best results regardless of project type.

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No project delivery method comes without challenges. However, the proper implementation of the system best-suited to your project makes a huge difference in the project’s overall success. 

Collaborative delivery methods like design-build, construction management, and integrated project delivery provide the highest quality final product while adhering to the original schedule and budget constraints. 

Collaboration allows balanced participation in the project direction between owner, architect and contractor, reduces risk to the owner, lessens the chance of change orders, and reduces schedule overages. 

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McCownGordon is prepared to meet the need for collaborative project delivery across all regions we serve. Collaborative project delivery methods lead to optimum results for nearly any project through reduced risk, early collaboration, and balanced participation. Want more information on delivery methods? 

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