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Building Performance Solutions

Building Performance Solutions in Kansas City

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Clients value the benefits our Building Performance Solutions (BPS) team in Kansas City brings to the table during preconstruction and construction. Our team of engineers, building code experts, architects and trade specialists bring unmatched expertise to every build. They view your project from every perspective, providing insights and recommendations that save time and money. Working alongside our project team, they put you and your goals front and center, ensuring long-term success.

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MEP services

You need specialized individuals who know your mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems inside and out to ensure a successful project. Our engineers ensure you pay the right price for optimally sized systems, giving you higher confidence your expectations with the building are being met as an owner.

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) make up nearly 60 percent of your project’s cost over the lifetime of your building. Understanding what’s right for your construction project requires specialized expertise. Our BPS team works closely with your design team during preconstruction and throughout the construction process. They start by analyzing drawings and identifying constructability issues, scope gaps and overlaps to uncover cost-effective options and alternatives. As a result, this expert team creates detailed estimates that address gaps in construction before the dirt is moved. 

During construction, the MEP team facilitates a smooth transition, managing long lead item schedules, overseeing proper system installation and providing insights on installation time and potential man-hour requirements to keep the operations team on track. Post-construction, the department remains involved, offering assistance with troubleshooting and addressing warranty items.

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Commissioning services provided by McCownGordon


Choosing our in-house team for building commissioning, as opposed to trade partners, ensures a more efficient and objective process. The Commissioning team is dedicated to enhancing a building’s energy efficiency and lowering overall operational costs for the owner.

With our team already well-acquainted with your project, the commissioning process integrates seamlessly. Collaborating with McCownGordon on commissioning during preconstruction offers owners beneficial advantages, including cost reductions, minimized delays, and the promotion of sustainable and efficient designs. Furthermore, McCownGordon has the capability to commission completed projects through retro-commissioning, evaluating and improving underperforming systems for maximum efficiency.


Structural and Soil

Our Structural and Soil group collaborates early with design analysis, crafting bid packages and interviewing specialty trade partners as needed. In the case of existing or historical buildings, we conduct on-site investigations to analyze elements such as the roof structure, exterior enclosure, and potential tie-in points for new additions. This guarantees the presence of a robust structural infrastructure, minimizing unforeseen challenges during construction. During preconstruction, the soil team examines soil conditions to propose optimal footings and support for the building.

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The VDC team, within the Building Performance Solutions department, serves as our technical liaison division. Their expertise lies in clash detection, modeling the “virtual building” before groundbreaking to proactively manage risk. Coordination meetings identify clashes, allowing the team to resolve issues with trade partners before construction commences. These virtual reviews enhance early quality control, mitigating potential field conflicts and reducing costs.

Virtual mock-ups of complex project portions provide field operations with detailed insights into the number of involved trade partners and assembly logistics.

Laser scanning of existing buildings generates millions of data points in the absence of drawings, creating a field-accurate model where none existed.

In-wall photography documents the entire process behind a wall, allowing users to employ an iPad to reveal hidden ductwork and conduit.

The VDC department actively explores and tests the latest emerging technologies to offer clients the best options for an enhanced building experience. They share these technologies with owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to optimize efficiencies for project success.

These cutting-edge digital tools contribute value throughout the entire project timeline by reducing costs, time and waste, while enhancing efficiency and quality.

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The Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) team proactively manages project quality through early reviews, trade partner engagement, strict enforcement and dogged follow-up. Quality is a fundamental aspect of our approach, leading to facilities that endure over time with minimal alterations during construction.

The quality control process initiates with meticulous planning in the design phase and concludes upon the acceptance of installed assemblies. Our quality planning tools involve defining specifications and acceptance criteria alongside thorough plan reviews. Throughout the bidding and construction phases, McCownGordon vigilantly oversees quality through bidder qualification, review of shop drawings, permit acquisition and pre-installation meetings. This commitment extends through construction to guarantee that quality expectations are not just met but surpassed.


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Early in preconstruction, our team assesses both the building and site to minimize environmental impact through sustainable practices and materials, emphasizing life cycle assessments (LCA). Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we rapidly compare energy usage to utility, maintenance and replacement costs, offering clients the most sustainable options.

Upon commencing construction, we enforce a rigorous site management plan to mitigate erosion, heat island effects and construction-related pollution. Managing construction waste is a priority along with the identification of salvageable or recyclable materials and meticulous tracking. Adhering to LEED practices, we conduct LCAs on materials, emphasizing renewable and recycled-content solutions. Our in-house sustainability team validates energy and water-efficient systems, fixtures and control sequences, encompassing ground source heat pumps, LEDs, greywater systems, variable refrigerant flow systems and low-flow fixtures.

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