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Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction in Kansas City

Technology Drives Success

We understand the importance of making informed project decisions and leverage our advanced technology to empower owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to make them.

A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing to plans on a screen while in a meeting

McCownGordon provides sophisticated and innovative approaches 

Construction is a complex process and selecting a construction manager that understands your priorities and concerns ensures a smoother experience. McCownGordon uses the latest digital tools to improve communication and drive value across your entire construction journey, from preconstruction through ribbon-cutting.

Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) professionals provide extensive expertise and value-added insights using 3D model clash detection, virtual mockups, laser scanning, and much more. Employing these technologically advanced tools creates value throughout the entire process, reducing waste, time and costs while also driving quality and efficiency. Our Kansas City virtual design and construction team can speed the building process to save you time and money.



A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing at plans on a screen during a meeting in the office

Kansas City Industry Leaders

You’ll find our team of professionals in Kansas City use technology to deliver a smooth and seamless construction process. Using our advanced collaboration tools, we make it easy to share project information and keep you informed. Our clients appreciate how our estimates leverage building information modeling and 3D clash coordination. Our drone imaging, 360-degree cameras and laser scanners keep you up to date on your build, even if you’re not on site, further enhancing collaboration.

These advanced tools help foster communication of the architectural design intent models from design partners and construction content models from trade partners throughout the life cycle of your project, Using BIM-based estimates, 3D clash coordination meetings and providing BIM to field solutions to keep everything on track. Our clients gain additional value and efficiency through our ongoing commitment to staying on the leading edge of construction technology in Kansas City.

From Our Technology Experts

Retro-Commissioning at McCownGordon is designed to reduce building energy loss.
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A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing at plans on a screen during a meeting in the office
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