Choosing Between Construction Project Delivery Methods

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The project delivery method you choose for your construction project drives the success of your plan. Understanding the different construction project delivery methods gives a great foundation for exploring which method will help your project succeed. At McCownGordon Construction, our expertise allows us to perform on any project delivery method, and we’re happy to lend that expertise to project owners.

Below, we’ve laid out quick considerations to help you when choosing between construction project delivery methods.

What to consider when reviewing delivery methods

Project success hinges on many factors, delivery method included. Some project methods work for many types of projects, others are more specialized. We usually recommend owners pay attention to the following considerations:

  1. Regulations: You should always do your own research to ensure you’re working within set guidelines, and our team is happy to provide guidance.
  2. Budget: Budget is one of the major factors in any project decision, including delivery method. Not only the amount of your budget, but where the funding is coming from (whether private or public) matters.
  3. Schedule: Time constraints matter when choosing construction project delivery methods, as some will lead to breaking ground earlier than others.
  4. Complexity: The complexity of your project factors into how well each delivery method will perform. 
  5. Owner expertise: If you’ve got a solid basis of experience as an owner, you may be willing to accept more risk than those without experience, this impacts your delivery method.

Keep in mind there are four types of project delivery methods most commonly used: Design-bid-build, construction management at risk, design-build, and integrated project delivery. Generally, all except design-bid-build are considered collaborative project delivery methods.

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