McCownGordon's Purpose Statement

We Exist To Improve Lives

The McCownGordon Mentor/Protégé Program enhances the ability of underrepresented trade partners to be competitive in the construction industry. 


How to Apply

Applications are currently closed.




Our Program's Mission

McCownGordon’s Mentor Protégé program provides guidance, development, and access to business-related networks to underrepresented trade partners and assists them with moving into non-traditional areas of work and/or competing in the marketplace, resulting in enhancement of performance, knowledge, and market presence in the construction industry.



  • Establishes or enhances the relationship between the mentor and protégé
  • Helps build capacity within the underrepresented trade partner community
  • Underrepresented trade partners can observe best practices from a larger firm
  • Gain insight into the challenges underrepresented trade partner’s encounter
  • It aligns with our core values
  • Learn how we can be a better partner to our trade partners
  • It is the right thing to do