McCownGordon’s customer experience promise

Delivering the best building experience and enhancing the journey for our associates, clients, partners and community.

McCownGordon's Customer Experience Promise

What it means to deliver the best building experience.

How many construction companies truly focus on delivering a great customer experience? At McCownGordon, we consistently work to raise the bar and, as part of our culture, we strive to enhance the construction journey for our clients.

Construction projects are inherently complex, long-lasting endeavors with uncontrollable forces, like the weather, often causing additional challenges. With few exceptions, most clients must rely on the construction management firm to guide them through the process. At McCownGordon, we promise to make the process straightforward and smooth, delivered by accessible and helpful people focused on building genuine and long-standing relationships.

Creating a Straightforward and Smooth Process

McCownGordon understands how challenging the construction journey can be for our clients. Especially those who’ve never built before, or perhaps had a negative experience in the past. We commit to ensuring our clients enjoy a straight-forward and smooth process. What does that mean for you?

  • We help guide you through the process, facilitating a seamless experience through all phases, including critical points of transition, like the handoff between preconstruction and construction, or during closeout.
  • We commit to sharing timely information with clients using clear and concise language to ensure transparency, prevent surprises and mitigate risk. That means we avoid jargon (our industry has a lot of it!) and you can rely on us to identify problems and bring solutions to the table.
  • We also acknowledge your requests and communication quickly—within 24 hours—so you know we heard you and keep your success front and center.

Friendly, Accessible People at the Ready

At McCownGordon, our people make the difference. From first thought to final nail, we stand beside our clients because we’re invested in their success.

  • We serve our clients by proactively looking for ways to advance your efforts. We recognize the importance a construction project has to your ability to deliver on your mission. Whether it’s building a school to educate decades of kids, a hospital to heal people and bring babies into the world, a place of worship or public safety building, we know there’s a deeper purpose for every building we touch.
  • We understand your goals because we always look at a project from the client’s perspective. We do this by asking thoughtful questions and listening to your expectations, needs and goals.
  • Our team proactively engages with clients to take action on your priorities while also advising on how to optimize the scope, schedule and budget. As a 100% employee owned company, we understand that our success is tied to yours. If we don’t deliver for you, it has a lasting impact on our business.

Investing in Relationships

Our core value relationships creates the foundation for our culture, which is built on a passion for building genuine and longstanding ones.

  • Clients can rely on us to focus on forming lasting relationships that endure beyond the completion of a project. For us, it’s not just a building and a once and done effort. We care about people and that doesn’t end when we hand over the keys.
  • McCownGordon stands with our clients, leveraging our leadership, expertise and guidance to find mutually beneficial solutions that move a project forward.
  • And finally, we celebrate wit you, creating special moments and lasting memories that will stay with you long after your construction journey is complete. Because isn’t work better when you sprinkle in a little fun?

This is our promise to you. It’s our commitment to every client. And we think it’s why many of our clients come back to McCownGordon when they are ready to build again.

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