Man working on a manufacturing facility automation audit to improve efficiency

Integrated Chocolate Manufacturer Automation Audit

Project Case Study
As an integrated chocolate manufacturer, our client wanted to identify processes in their operation to automate or semi-automate. They partnered with McCownGordon to help optimize their facility footprint and operations to maximize the use of capital.


Confidential Client


Automation and semi-automation
Safety and quality
Packaging and conveying
Maximizing PLM
Supply chain optimization



McCownGordon’s engineering team performed a detailed analysis that included interviews with site leadership, and operations personnel to review the current operations and processes. The audit included identifying various processes that could be upgraded to automatic or semi-automatic that could optimize production to save the client time, money and manpower.

Manufacturing facility with a chocolate production line

The team delivered a detailed report prioritizing low-risk, high-yield adaptations to include in their capital budgeting review process.

Ultimately, the client determined many of the solutions as options that could drastically improve their business and are in the process of implementing them.