Unlocking the full potential of CMR: Key services you should expect as an owner

Two McCownGordon associates talking and looking at an ipad on a construction jobsite

The construction management at risk (CMR) project delivery method is a collaborative approach that leverages team collaboration and construction expertise during the planning and preconstruction process. It includes early involvement of the construction manager during the design phase, allowing for valuable input on constructability, cost estimating and scheduling, leading to improved project outcomes like schedule and budget savings, long-term performance for your building, and most or importantly, overlooked challenges that could be detrimental to your project.

As a baseline, the typical services performed with the CMR delivery method include budget management, schedule management, safety and quality control. But what about managing the total project budget to include owner items like furniture and move-in expenses? Has your construction manager analyzed life-cycle costs, commissioning or evaluated various options for building facades? What happens when construction is complete and you have a building automation issue that needs to be reprogrammed?

At McCownGordon, our construction management at risk services go above and beyond to allow clients to gain the most value from their investment while mitigating risk and preplanning for potential challenges. Our strategies and methods in the preconstruction phase provide owners robust analyses and evaluations to give them the right information to make informed, smart decisions.

Download our CMR Services checklist to learn exactly what services you should expect from your construction manager at risk.

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